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Tourist attractions in Cardiff

Cardiff is well known for it’s historic, cultural, musical, theatrical, artistic, architectural, industrial, and scientific tourist attractions. Modern technology has helped in preserving many old monuments and objects from the pre-Christian era.

Tourist attractions in Cardiff – Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle has a rich history from the 11th century. It is a proud symbol of Gothic revivalism built over the original Roman Fort from the 3rd century. According to historians, the Normans built this castle after their invasion. William introduced Norman as an official language in Cardiff. He also brought about many other significant changes like the slavery abolition, establishment of Anglo-Saxon government, installation of industries, and formal agricultural practices.

The castle houses a vast range of ornamentation by the Victorians which include the zodiac signs, Victorian Motifs, and representation of historical characters from the earliest versions of the Bible. The castle is also home to many of the priceless monuments from the 12th century to the 19th-century architecture, art, and culture.

Tourist attractions in Cardiff – Blaenavon Ironworks

Blaenavon Ironworks is a majestic tourist attraction with its refurbished cottages. It is a place where you can find the old train lines, iron smelting spots, raw material processing, and conversion into finished products. Large size furnaces, smelting tools, and other equipment are still here for your viewing, analysis and understanding of Cardiff industrial history.

Large size totems represent the story of how the furnaces worked here before the industrial revolution era started. The place also has many representative characters of the ironmaster who used to be the team leader here. Pig iron bars making is a specialisation of the Blaenavon Ironworks.

Tourist attractions in Cardiff – National Museum

National Museum of Cardiff was formally established in the year 1912. It houses an exclusive art section that contains portraits of La Parisienne. It is a famous oil painting by the French artist Renoir. It is called as the Blue lady for the outfit worn by the lady. It is a representation of culture and tradition during the Victorian era.

Jacob Epstein works of architecture are the other essential collections here. The most striking art collection in this museum is Nature Morte Au Poron from Picasso. It is an abstract form of art of size 50.3cm X 61cm created by the artist in 1948. It is stated to be a symbolic representation of his art studio in Paris. Cardiff museum acquired this piece of art in the year 2009.

Geological prototypes and original collections from the Prehistoric era represent flora and fauna of that time. You can also see many rocks, minerals, and other geological remnants from the dinosaur era and after.

Skeleton of the humpback whale is one of the rarest geological wonders you can see here. The experts have delicately and accurately reconstructed its body from its original bones and skeletal structure. Similarly, you can look at the remnants of giant turtles, sharks, and other prehistoric species here. It would be an exciting journey for your children and family whom will be genuinely interested in the study of ancient life in Cardiff, the UK and Europe.